What is Photoalbum ?

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Our PhotoAlbum contain all the elegance of our PhotoBook but pair it with the traditional materials and style that originally made PhotoAlbum the choice everlasting home for photos. Our covers utilize a thicker cardboard material for greater cover endurance and the paper is thicker as well. The result is a comfortingly solid book filled with pages filled with the weight of your favorite memories.


  • 8x8 Square PhotoAlbum

    8” x 8”
    203mm X 203mm


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  • 8 x 12 Portrait  PhotoAlbum

    8” x 12”
    203mm X 300mm


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  • 8 x 12 Landscape  PhotoAlbum

    8” x 12”
    203mm X 300mm


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  • 11 x 15 Landscape PhotoAlbum

    11” x 15”
    280mm X 381mm


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Hardcover - PhotoAlbum

Our lace overlay options give customers a chances to add design and flair to their covers.

Seamless Binding

Seamless Binding - PhotoAlbum

Our seamless binding is an important part of what sets our PhotoAlbums apart from PhotoBooks. The binding is created using a stronger and more durable cardboard to ensure that your book will not crease. This binding also allows for the pages to lay flat to allow an image to span across a double spread.

Photo Paper

Photo Paper - PhotoAlbum

Our quality PhotoAlbums use photo paper, a material that accentuates the images printed on them. Pictures will appear sharper than on pearl paper and rounded edges on the pages give the album a softer and more intimate look.


Printing - PhotoAlbum

Our unique color printing, when used in conjunction with our state of the art photo paper, allows photo to appear brighter and sharper.


Hotstamp - PhotoAlbum

Hot stamping is the perfect way to title your PhotoAlbum or personalize a gift with a name. Our hot stamping results in clear and precise lettering.

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